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"From my personal experience of working with Nikolai, he has always put me, the client, first and ensured that I have received the best possible service and that I am represented correctly in regard to any dealings that I have needed.

Additionally, Nikolai has always made an extra effort, without request, to ensure that I am represented fairly and to ensure that my rights and entitlements have been fully protected. I cannot recommend Nikolai, and his partners, highly enough."

Brian Blake, the United Kingdom
Estate Owner & Property Investor


Sunny Beach Lawyer & Sunny Beach Real Estate Legal Issues

Real Estate Lawyers, Bulgaria Our law firm is a registered law office in Bulgaria operating in the Black Sea resort of Sunny Beach - Златни Пясъци, in Bulgarian.

We provide full service real estate legal issues consultations and help and employee a team of highly experienced and professional lawyers to represent our clients in court whenever that is necessary.

During the past few years our firm have been drawn into numerous real estate cases related to the off-plan development in the region of the Sunny Beach resort. Being one of the most attractive off plan development areas on the Black Sea coast, many foreign investors and buyers purchased land and property in the Sunny Beach resort.

However, certain factors caused by negligence, overtrust, or general unfamiliarity with the legal procedures and the specifics of the Real Estate Law in Bulgaria resulted in real estate issues and bad experience mostly for the foreign investors which made many of them to take legal course of action to seek their rights through our law office.

The Problem

Our lawyers' experience and feedback proves the fact that in about 90% of the cases there has been a breach in the so called Preliminary Purchase Contract for the property, mostly unfavoring the foregin investors. After the signing of the contract, it becomes quite easy for the property vendors, construction contractors or state institutions to drop responsibility and obligations in regards to the property, thus causing uncertainty and issues for the developers.

The Solution

Our law office consultants and attorneys provide legal support and consultation to property owners and developers in the Sunny Beach resort form their very first steps of property search and lookup, through the property mortgage and ownership checks to the final closure of the deal and the sending of the Title Deeds of the property to the new owner.

Contact our law office an lawyers with your real estate issue for immediate help at phone: +359 885 040 808 or email us today at: for FREE Bulgarian law consultation service.

Sunny Beach Solicitor

Our Sunny Beach - "Slanchev Briag" operating solicitors offer the following legal real estate services for the clients of our firm:

  • collection and provision of legal information related to off-plan development in the Sunny Beach resort

  • conducting full documental research on the ownership and limited property rights over apartments and real estate in the Sunny Beach resort by a professional solicitor

  • drafting of purchase agreements, rental agreements, loan agreements, management agreements, Power of Attorney for real estate in the Sunny Beach

  • immediate legal issues assistance and permanent contact with the client in order to resolve off-plan problems by a professional Sunny Beach solicitor

  • execution of the Title Deeds and Notary Deals and representation before Sunny Beach Notary public, as well as calculation of the Notary taxes

  • breach in the Preliminary Property Development Contracts by a Sunny Beach solicitor and assistance on property issues
To contact your Sunny Beach solicitor simply fill in your name and contact info and describe the legal assistance you need or the legal problem that you are experiencing. Our team of solicitors will answer your inquiry within one business day with proposed steps to solve your problem.

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