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Title Deeds in Bulgaria & Bulgarian Title Deeds Service

Question »» What are Title Deeds and Why are they EXTREMELY IMPORTANT? Why do you need a Notary in Bulgaria?

The Title Deed is the official document in Bulgaria that certifies and appoints the legal owner to a property. For example, if you plan on buying a property in Bulgaria you must assure that the seller is the right owner and has the right to sell that property.

The Title Deed also contains information if there are any pending Bulgarian Mortgage Law issues, Bank Credit Law issues, any pledges on the property or if any other party has interests in that real estate. The Title Deed also determines the property boundaries and the rights that could be passed on the property.

Our Bulgarian real estate lawyers will check the Title Deed document of the seller for you and will assure that you are buying from the legal owner and that there are no legal issues over the property.

NOTE: it is important for you to know the difference between the Title Deed and the Preliminary Purchase Contract documents. The Preliminary Contract for the purchase of a real estate in Bulgaria does not transfer the ownership rights to you. It stipulates the price, purchase terms and dates, possible construction work, and other conditions related to the property buying process.

Contact us on: 00359 (885) 040 808 for our Title Deed services if you need an independent Title Deed check or advice.

In case of selling or transfering of the rights over a property, the owner will have to change the Title on the Real Estate Deed. Our Bulgarian property solicitors will help you with the legal preparations and proceedings of this act.

For example, if a mortgage has been established on the property or if there are co-owners then the mortgage bank or the co-owners will need to agree with the changes. Also, if you are married and the Title Deed about your property in Bulgaria is only with your name on it, you still will need to get the agreement of your spouse in order to sell the property.

Notary in Bulgaria & Representation Before Notary Public in Bulgaria

Notary in Bulgaria is the authority who signs and stamps the Title Deeds in Bulgaria. The Notary can operate only in the area where they are authorized. for example, Sofia Notary cannot authorize real estate deals in Ruse or another city in Bulgaria.

In case you are unable to present yourself in Bulgaria, you can appoint an attorney to represent you before the Notary in Bulgaria. Our Bulgarian Title Deed service includes assistance before the Notary in Bulgaria, drafting of all necessary documents for the execution of the Title Deed and acting on your behalf before the Notary.

After the Title Deed has been executed we will register it into the Bulgarian Property Register, Bulgarian BULSTAT Register and the Bulgarian Tax Department. The original Title Deed will be send to you with a recorded delivery company.

Our property lawyers operate throughout the country and we offer Title Deeds service for most Notaries in Bulgaria:
»» Notary in Sofia » Sofia Notary and Sofia title deed services

»» Notary in Varna » Varna Notary, presentation before Notary and Notary deals assistance

»» Notary in Burgas » Burgas Notary, execution of Notary deals in Bourgas Bulgaria

»» Notary in Pamporovo » Pamporovo Notary and Pamporovo Title Deed services, execution of Title Deeds for Pamporovo

»» Notary in Bansko » Bansko Notary and Bansko Title Deed services, execution of Title Deeds for Bansko

»» Notary in Sunny Beach » Sunny Beach Notary Title Deed service, legal assistance with real estate acquisition before Notary

»» Notary in Nessebar » Nessebar Notary services in Bulgaria, Attorney to secure property deals before the Notary in Nessebar

»» Notary in Golden Sands » Golden Sands Notary services and execution of the transfer of the real estate before the Notary

»» Notary in Kavarna » Kavarna Notary real estate service, performing all necessary legal action before the Notary in Kavarna

If you intend to buy or to sell a real estate in Bulgaria trust our experienced lawyers to secure the property transfer. Your real estate agent offers a "full service" to you. That means to act both on your behalf and on behalf of the developer or the seller. We advise our clients not to use such title deed service in Bulgaria, because it is not secured. An independent control should make sure that your interests are protected.

BulgariaRealEstateLaw can be your independent control... Contact us! 00359 (885) 040 808

Or you already had bought? In case of problems with Title Deeds for a property acquired in Bulgaria, we can help and advice! Contact us to get our Title Deed Service in Bulgaria!

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