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"From my personal experience of working with Nikolai, he has always put me, the client, first and ensured that I have received the best possible service and that I am represented correctly in regard to any dealings that I have needed.

Additionally, Nikolai has always made an extra effort, without request, to ensure that I am represented fairly and to ensure that my rights and entitlements have been fully protected. I cannot recommend Nikolai, and his partners, highly enough."

Brian Blake, the United Kingdom
Estate Owner & Property Investor


Nessebar Real Estate Lawyer & Nessebar Property Conveyancing Lawyer

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Our law firm executes Notary Deals in Nessebar as well as legal services and representation for execution of the Title Deeds for your property.

Our Nessebar real estate lawyers will protect your business interests in the region of Nessebar and will fight for your legal rights and success.

Trust our experienced lawyers and they will do everything that needs to solve your legal and real estate problems in Nessebar.

Whenever purchasing a real estate property in the Black Sea resort of Nessebar, you will have to execute the Title Deeds and we recommend to you to have at your side a Nessebar operating lawyer to accompany or represent you before the Notary for the execution of the Title Deeds. Using the help of an experienced lawyer will guarantee you the proper execution of the legal proceedings and will eliminate the possibility of future law problems related to your property.

The lawyers from our company will secure all legal proceeding and transactions, including the Notary Deal and will help you for the smooth operations of you business in Nessebar.

Our Nessebar operating lawyers provide the following legal services and assistantship to the foreign investors in the Black Sea city of Nessebar:

  • checking and drafting of all necessary legal documents and declarations for the successful completion of your real estate proceedings in Nessebar

  • representing you (and your partners) as a buyer/seller before the Nessebar Notary Public for the execution of the Title Deeds for the property and signing the new Title Deed for the Notary Deal on your behalf

  • checking all property ownership documents as well as checking for any bank mortgages and third party claims over the property to be purchased by you

  • legal advisory and consultation services for tax refunds, rental contracts, Nessebar off-plan development problems,

  • registration of your company at the BULSTAT registry in Nessebar (it is a statutory requirement) and obtaining your registration card from the Nessebar BULSTAT registry - you need to have new number as individual

  • entering the new Title Deed for the Notary Deal in the Nessebar Court Register of Properties
Depending on you specific case our lawyers can cover different areas of legal issues that are not printed in the outline above. Just fill our FREE initial legal consultation form and we will contact you back with possible solutions.

Good Solicitor in Nessebar

Our solicitor firm has an extremely strong reputation both among our colleagues and clients in Nessebar for the creativity and professionalism when doing our job.

Contact us if you need legal help for your real estate property business in Nesseber. Our Nessebar operationg solicitors will answer your questions on: +359 885 040 808 or you can fill a FREE inital consultation form and we will contact you immediately with direct analysis and possible ways to proceed on your case.

Our Nessebar solicitors will help you to become a proud owner of a property in Bulgaria and will assist you with any step of the procees of buying the property: setting up a company for you, checking ownership of the property vendor, making an appointment with a Notary and signing the Contract of Pusrchase (Notary Act), transfering the funds and getting the Title Deeds transferred to your name, ...

Just fill the FREE initial advice form below with your case inormatinon and give a start to your legal real estate problem resolution by using the services of our good Nessebar solicitors.

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