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Litigation Lawyers in Bulgaria

Real Estate Lawyers in Bulgaria According to the litigation law in Bulgaria, all parties to a legal contract should obey to the terms of the contract and the obligations which they have undertaken by it.

A controversy on a contract or a "lawsuit" before the Bulgarian court is termed "litigation". If any litigation could not be settled by an agreement between the parties it could be decided by a judge in the court hall.

Thus, litigation means a possibility through which individuals or institutions resolve disputes.

Since the beginning of 2008, a large number of foreign property and real estate investors in Bulgaria began to feel severe financial difficulties. Most of these difficulties were caused by the fact that the investors wished to start on as many construction projects as they could handle with the idea of selling them later with larger profit.

However, to reach these goals the investors did draw large sums as loans from the local Bulgarian banks. Read more about our professional bakning practice and finance legal services.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of year 2008 property sales in Bulgaria dropped, as well as the average population income and that caused reduced ability of many of the real estate investors to pay the interest on the loans they have taken earlier.

Another major problem that caused a lot of litigation disputes in the last years was the fact that the construction companies' work on many construction projects came to halt. However, the investors continued to require that the buyers pay their installments for the properties, nevertheless that the stipulated stages of construction were not reached.

On the other hand the real estate buyers wished to receive penalty payments and compensations for the delay, because they could not use the property which they have purchased, or to receive back the money they had paid because of the uncompleted projects.

The result of all these circumstances is that: many investors are not happy, because even if they return the money, they cannot sell the apartment again for the price they had stipulated, because of the extremely low real estate market in Bulgaria at the moment. Eventually, it comes to conducting negotiations between the investors, buyers and constructors that often result in court trials.

All litigation consultants and attorneys who work in our law firm are perfectly acquainted with the Bulgarian legislation process and prepared to defend your interests. In our job we investigate and take into account all construction documents, contracts and current stages of the construction works. We make an assessment of the best opportunities for leading negotiations with the investor or starting a court trial.

The consultants at BulgaraRealEstateLaw will advise you openly about the different variations of action and the results to be expected from these actions according to the particular features of every case. Our company representatives always lead in person the negotiations with the investors on behalf of our clients as well as the court trials.

Although the investors themselves try to convince the buyers that there is no sense in starting court trials because the procedures are expensive and time consuming, the buyers should fight for their rights and for what they have paid.

We can help and we are ready to defend your interests in the court room.

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