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"From my personal experience of working with Nikolai, he has always put me, the client, first and ensured that I have received the best possible service and that I am represented correctly in regard to any dealings that I have needed.

Additionally, Nikolai has always made an extra effort, without request, to ensure that I am represented fairly and to ensure that my rights and entitlements have been fully protected. I cannot recommend Nikolai, and his partners, highly enough."

Brian Blake, the United Kingdom
Estate Owner & Property Investor


Golden Sands, Bulgaria Lawyer

Best Lawyers in Bulgaria Our lawyers will assist you for the execution of the Notary Deal for you appartment or real estate in the Golden Sands summer resort in Bulgaria.

The Golden Sands Black Sea resort ("Zlatni Pyasaci" in Bulgarian) is situated just some 15 km north of the city of Varna that is the largest Bulgarian city on the Black Sea. The resort is famous with its extremely clean sand and the numerous mineral water springs.

Our law firm has several clients who own property in the Golden Sands area and who rely on our help to manage and operate their legal deals. Striving to provide always professional and clear legal services to the clients our lawyers gained strong reputation for our company.

Our experienced attorneys will work for the successful resolution of your legal real estate problem and will fight for your business success in the Golden Sands area.

Our contractors and institution independent law company speicalizes extremely on real estate problems resolution and services only the interests of foreign investors and developers in the region of the Golden Sands resort and Varna. We are not bounded with any construction or contractors company, nor with any real estate agency or state institution thus guaranteeing you that our lawyers will serve only your interests and rights.

Our Golden Sands (Zlatni Piasaci) operating lawyers provide the following legal services and assistanceship:

  • credit and mortgage consultation by experienced lawyers regarding real estate operations in the Golden Sands resort and the city of Varna

  • contracts negotiation for development and legal representation in front of state institutions and construction companies and development contractors

  • law advising and negotiating help during cases involving compensation claims and/or problems related to breaching in the off-plan development contracts

  • property ownership documents inspection and preparation of all necessary documents for the real estate operations, as well as calculation of all related Notary and State taxes for the real estate proceedings

  • opportunity to act legally on your behalf for property transactions and execution of the Title Deeds before a Notary

  • professional legal reports on Bulgarian legislation regarding your inquery and legal consultation for off-plan problems
Contact our law office for immediate legal advice at: +359 885 040 808 or fill our FREE initial legal advice form to get immediate consultation.

Solicitor in Golden Sands, "Zlatni Pyasaci" Solicitor

Our Golden Sands operating solicitors will take on you legal issues and will provide the necessary legal service to solve these legal issues.

Our solictors in the Golden Sands will conduct full document research on the ownership and limited property rights over the real estate you would like to purchase in the Zlatni Pyasatsi resort.

If you need highly effective legal representation and legal advisery for developments in the Golden Sands by professional solicitor, just fill the form below for an initial FREE evaluation of case. Our legal representatives will contact you within one day with actual information and suggestions to your legal case.

For immediate solicitor consultation regarding your Golden Sands real estate issue call our hot assistance line: +359 885 040 808 and you will be connected to talk with a solicitor from our company.

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