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"From my personal experience of working with Nikolai, he has always put me, the client, first and ensured that I have received the best possible service and that I am represented correctly in regard to any dealings that I have needed.

Additionally, Nikolai has always made an extra effort, without request, to ensure that I am represented fairly and to ensure that my rights and entitlements have been fully protected. I cannot recommend Nikolai, and his partners, highly enough."

Brian Blake, the United Kingdom
Estate Owner & Property Investor


Company Formation in Bulgaria & Setting Up a Business

Real Estate Lawyers in Bulgaria Our law office offers assistance to foreign investors with their company setup and business startup in Bulgaria.

Our legal staff provides for our clients all necessary company registration and consultancy services needed for your successful company formation in Bulgaria. We will help you not only with your company's set up in Bulgaria, but also with the right development of the different scopes of your business endeavors in Bulgaria.

Our Bulgarian lawyers have long term experience with the interpretation and the corner stones in the Bulgarian Commercial Law and will take proper care of the legal part of your business.

Some of the major benefits that you will gain by choosing our law office as your legal representative and advisor in Bulgaria are:

»» our lawyers will pay full attention to your business needs and will spend as much time on details as necessary to assure that your company and business are properly setup in Bulgaria

»» we will provide you with detailed description of the company setup process in Bulgaria within 24 hours of getting your request

»» our firm policy is to establish and keep our reputation as one of the most trusted law firms in Bulgaria as we successfully protect the business of our clients

»» we do our business in an open and honest way, but at the same time respect and protect the privacy of our clients' business

Our Business Legal Department will assist you with the process of company and business establishment in Bulgaria. Below are outlined the major steps that we will help you with when setting up your company in Bulgaria:

»» we will reserve for you the name that you wish to have for your company; Is that name available? - we will check that information for you in the Bulgarian Company Registry

»» we will explain to you the differences between the various company models and the advantages of each model

»» the company's main office address and legal seat must be determined and our staff will assist you with that

»» we will help you determine the scope of activites of the new company and to present them to the Bulgarian state authorities

»» the newly established company must appoint its manager

»» our lawyers will draft and prepare all necessary documents for the troubleless registration of your company in Bulgaria

  • Application for the formation of a company to the Bulgarian state
  • Constitutive Deed / Memorandum of the company in Bulgaria
  • Constituent minutes for the company setup and Articles of the company
  • Consent and specimen of signature
  • Declarations pursuant to Art. 142 of the Bulgarian Commercial Act
  • Management contract with the company mananger

Legal Business Services in Bulgaria

Our Bulgarian law office offers the following business services to its clients:

»» general legal advice on the business legislation in Bulgaria and lawyer advice on specific business problem

»» drafting different types of business contracts commercial purchase and sell contracts, assets and rental, business contracts

»» accounting and tax services - annual and monthly accounting services and annual business tax declarations

»» banking and financial assistance services for businesses in Bulgaria

»» Bulgarian business administration services and legal consultancy on business issues in Bulgaria

»» supervision and check on administrative business paperwork and company operations

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