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Commercial Real Estate Law & Commercial Lawyers in Bulgaria

Real Estate Lawyers in Bulgaria According to the Bulgarian Commercial Real Estate Legislation foreign investors and developers are not to possess land in Bulgaria. There is just one exception to this rule when they inherit it. But then they are to sell it in three years. The Bulgarian Commercial Real Estate Law deals with the possibilities for a foreign citizen or company to get possession over land or other commercial real estate property in Bulgaria.

To be able to purchase real estate in Bulgaria, foreign investors and developers must register a company in Bulgaria. The Commercial Real Estate Law states that a buyer alone or together their family could sharehold of the capital of the company.

The company appears to by a buyer and it buys the property together with the plot of the land over which the building is constructed. The foreigner is the owner of the capital of the company and he manages it. In that way their commercial real estate interests and their ownership rights are defended at the highest degree.

It is possible for the buyer to be a company which is set up abroad. Then the Bulgarian Commercial Real Estate Legislation requires some documents to be issued by the respective Company register as well as to be found out if the director of the company has the right on their own to make decisions for buying a commercial real estate.

After Bulgaria entered European Union it was believed that this rule would be changed into more liberal way and to be possible for the foreigners to buy land free as it is in the whole EU. But for now any particular steps are not taken. My expextations are the Commercial Real Estate Law to be changed into the near 2-3 years because of the fact that foreigners are the main buyesr and commercial real estate investrors in real estates in Bulgaria.

The Commercial Real Estate Legislation should be changed to meet the new real estate relations and demands which had appeared.

Our company offers the following Commercial Real Estate Law Services:

- drafting documents for setting up a company in Bulgaria

- drafting a power of attorney for the company to represent it before the buyer or the seller and all official state authorities

- notarization of the documents which are necessary for establishing the company

- Registering the company into the Bulgarian Company Register

- annual tax service for the company and control of its tax status

- sending all original company documents to the shareholders after the registration of the company into the Company Register

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