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How to buy a property in Bulgaria-Bulgarian Law Company advices

Buy Property in Bulgaria If you are planning on buying real estate property in Bulgaria we recommend reading and considering the following extremely valuable legal advices prepared by our estate law firm consultants and lawyers:

Buying Property Legal Advice 1. Before buying property in Bulgaria you should consult an expertise law firm to check all the documents that certify the ownership right of the vendor. BulgariaRealEstateLaw team is ready to assist you and protect your interests in buying a property in Bulgaria.

Just contact us via our telephone: (+359) 885 040 808 or send us an email and our lawyers will clearly draw the steps for you of buying real estate property in Bulgaria.

Buying Property Legal Advice 2. Make sure always to check if there isn't any land charges over the property you are buying - encumbrances like mortgages and pledges over the property by a third party. BulgariaRealEstateLaw lawyers can check this into the Bulgarian Property Register for you.

Buying Property Legal Advice 3. After the property to buy has been determined you should sign a preliminary contract for the purchase of the property with the seller. It is a very good idea that the contract be drafted or checked by an independent real estate lawyer. You can sign the preliminary contract for purchase in person or to authorize a legitimate Bulgarian solicitor to act on your behalf during the buying of the property.

Usually when you sign the preliminary contract you as a buyer will have to pay a deposit to the seller of the property in Bulgaria (approximately 10 per cent of the price), but never pay the whole price.

Buying Property Legal Advice 4. All necessary declarations for the property purchase must be drafted, signed and notarized (Declaration of citizenship and marital status, Declaration of the Measures Against the Money Laundering Act). Our Legal Office in Bulgaria will help you with all necessary documentation and legal proceedings. The seller should prepare a sketch of the plot (if necessary), tax evaluation of the property and some declarations for them.

Buying Property Legal Advice 5. The next step when buying a real estate in Bulgaria is to appear before Notary Public and to sign the new Title Deeds for the property. If you do cannot appear in person before Notary for the execution of the Title Deeds, you will need a proxy and a Power of Attorney to represent you before the Notary Public. BulgariaRealEstateLaw is ready to assist you and act on your behalf regarding all legal proceedings in Bulgaria.

Buying Property Legal Advice 6. The next step is to register the new Title Deed in the Bulgarian Court Property Register. Our lawyers are ready to provide this service for you - just call our law office or send us an email and our lawyers will solve your legal problems.

Buying Property Legal Advice 7. The real estate property and you as a new owner of the property must be registered into the Bulgarian Tax Department.

The above mentioned proceedings how when buying a real estate property in Bulgaria are general. Every case has its own specifics, but these basic steps are strongly outline the basic steps to avoid frauds and subsequent law complications.

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