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"From my personal experience of working with Nikolai, he has always put me, the client, first and ensured that I have received the best possible service and that I am represented correctly in regard to any dealings that I have needed.

Additionally, Nikolai has always made an extra effort, without request, to ensure that I am represented fairly and to ensure that my rights and entitlements have been fully protected. I cannot recommend Nikolai, and his partners, highly enough."

Brian Blake, the United Kingdom
Estate Owner & Property Investor


Bulgarian Lawyer, Recommended Bulgarian Lawyer

Best Lawyers in Bulgaria Our registered law firm, located in Bulgaria provides legal help and protection for international clients who experience law issues in Bulgaria and need professional assistance.

Our lawyers will protect your real estate rights in Bulgaria and fight for your business success.

Just choose our expert Bulgarian lawyers to take over the solution of your case!

Located in the city of Ruse in northern Bulgaria, the firm's members and team of Bulgarian lawyers have extensive experience practicing in numerous courts throughout the country.

The law office of Nikolay Kolishovski is fully dedicated to providing exemplary legal services in a very cost-effective manner. The firm's practice mainly focuses on real estate transactions and estate management, but also will help clients with other issues not related to real estate.

The office has earned its strong local and international reputation for its aggressive, well-prepared, and professionally working real estate law lawyers who are currently representing clients from countires in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Our team of experienced Bulgarian lawyers have devoted their professional career on helping and representing clients from Bulgaria and abroad who have been in the need of legal real estate help.

Our office partners with several other law offices from the United Kingdom, Russia and Ireland in the pursuit of offering reliable services for clients from these countires.

The approach of our lawyers in Bulgaria is aggressive, honest, and well-respected in the Bulgarian and in the international real estate communities, as it is founded on strong moral principles and seek of justice for our clients.

We are proud for what the staff of our law firm has accomplished for our clients during the past few years and we are happy to be able to have helped so many people and will continue to proudly fulfill this mission.

A major service offered by our firm, is the fact that our attorneys at law will travel to your place to get hold of your case, including evenings when most people are free from work commitments. Not many law firms offer such an unusual level of client service.

Our lawyers in Bulgaria are accessible by telephone, fax or e-mail. If it is not possible for you as a client to come to our office our attorneys at law will travel to your destination in Bulgaria to meet with you as our client.

Contact our law office for immediate help at: +359 885 040 808 or email us today for FREE Bulgarian law consultation service.

Explain your legal issues to our Bulgarian lawyers team. Just fill the FREE Legal Advice Quote to describe your case and get a professional advice from a lawyer in Bulgaria. We will overview your case and reply back in 24 hours.

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Main Office:
ul. "Mutkurova" 28
(Bulgarian: ул. "Муткурова" 28, ет.1)
city: Ruse, country: Republic of Bulgaria

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Our Bulgarian lawyers are recognized not only for their careful approach and precision but also for their the determination to keep matters moving. To be a good lawyer in Bulgaria means to find a solution for the client's problem in the most efficient, most cost-effective and less time consuming terms.

Our attorneys at law in Bulgaria always try to clarify the legal process by giving advice and explaining the possible solutions to the clients in a clear course of action whatever the technical or legal complexities of the subject are.

Independent Bulgarian attorneys at law work for foreign clients and companies operating in Bulgaria. We deliver a high quality real estate legal services and an independent approach towards the problems of our clients.

Our team of Bulgarian attorneys at law will advise on and service private clients' issues with experience, energy and high professionalism.